Accessories are an indispensable part of any Satellite phone. The Iridium 9575 is no exception.

Being a very smart, compact new age satellite phone, the Iridium product kit comes with some free accessories like a leather case, adapters and chargers, a handsfree kit, and antenna.

For the more discerning and demanding customers, the company has a number of compatible accessories that come in the form of docking stations, cables and a variety of antennas.
The docking stations, antennas and cables have maritime, fixed land and transport applications. They are available in combo packs with the handset or can be bought separately also.
The Docking stations that the company has on offer are the Beam DriveDOCK Extreme, Beam LiteDOCK Extreme and PotsDOCK Extreme.

The Beam DriveDOCK Extreme is a transport or on-the-move installation. The duplex technology supports better voice quality and removes echoes. Apart from a USB port, a data and power connection, serial data connectivity, in built antenna and emergency alert services, this docking station has the distinctive advantage of offering a handsfree jack such that a driver does not need to hold the handset while driving. Alternatively, the handset gets released from the dock at the press of a button.

On the other hand, the Beam LiteDOCK isatphone pro 505 Extreme finds fixed site, moving or even maritime applications. Its main functional design is aimed at Emergency alerts. Apart from the regular Iridium dock features like USB cable, power connection, serial data connectivity, handsfree jack, button press for handset removal, this docking station has an integrated GPS coupling facility that allows connection of an external GPS antenna. This is an extremely useful facility as it allows all cables and antennas to be connected to the docking station, to be used anytime.

Small, compact and packed with add-on features. The PotsDOCK Extreme comes with an RJ 11 jack that allows the user to set up an interface with any land phone, even an EPABX system. Moreover, it provides Bluetooth connectivity along with emergency alerts. The standard features of USB port, serial data connectivity, easy removal of set with the press of a button, integrated antenna, handsfree jack are available with this dock also.

For those who need more than integrated antennas, the Whip antenna is an excellent product for fixed applications. Moreover, Ultra flex antenna cables are available in a variety of lengths. These cables can be used with different isatphone pro satellite and find maritime and fixed applications.
The company offers a wide range of accessories. Now, it is upon the end user to choose whatever suits him best.


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