Iridium and Isat Satellite Phone Accessories

The telephone market is one of the biggest in satellite use, and with the drop of prices of a satellite phone, popularity significantly increases. Communications from data, fax, direct dial, including location and GPS tracking are possible worldwide from Australia. With the reliability and realistic pricing, there is an insurgence in satellite phone sales and with that increased demand for accessories.

Iridium and Isat for example is very popular in Australia and the following are some essential and handy accessories you will need:

Accessories for Iridium:

· Iridium Rechargeable Li-ion Battery – handy to replace with a discharged battery with an added 30 hours standby time and 4 hours talk

· Iridium AxcessPoint – allows you to create a Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world with your satellite phone

· Nomad 27M Solar Panel Charger – essential for adventurous travelers out in the open

· S31R16RR-P-XTB-1 Iridium Antenna – good for mobile, land and airborne use compatible for data and voice communications

· Portable Auxiliary Antenna – with TNC adapters the five-feet cable is compatible with Iridium 9555, Iridium 9505A US and Iridium 9505A

· 1200 Pelican Case – ultimate protection for the Iridium 9575 and Iridium 9555

· Iridium Antenna Adapter – Compatible with 9505A, 9505 AND 9500

· Beam RST755 – Privacy Handset – convenient accessory with hang up intelligence and auto sensing answering for private calls

Accessories for isatphone pro 911:

· Isat Pro Carry Case – a soft protection case to keep on you, has a carry strap, belt clip and carabiner to hang from a back pack

· Isat Pro Spare Battery – not essential but handy to have

· Beam IsatDock Lite – good for land and sea for voice and data services requiring a semi-permanent installation

· Beam IsatDock Drive Solution – great accessory for those always on the road, with semi-permanent transportation installation for hands free calls

· IsatPhone Pro Car Charger

· isatphone pro gps fix External Antenna

· IsatPhone Pro Antenna Replacement Cable Kit 6m – compatible with IsatPhone Pro External Antenna

· IsatPhone Pro Mains Charger & Plug Kit


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