Mountain Climbers Best Friend

Mountain climbing can be demanding and dangerous. There are so many things that can go wrong. You need a isatphone pro launch to cover you and make sure your journey is safe and enjoyable.

Satellite phones are used all over the world for all sorts of reasons. They are used by emergency services, businesses, shipping companies, travellers and people on expeditions on a regular basis. The reason they are so widely used is because of the great need to be in constant communication.

When you go mountain climbing generally you are outside of normal cell phone range. This leaves you in a very vulnerable position. It also leads to a lot of stress and worry for the people who care about you when they are unable to contact you.

The importance of a satellite phone whilst mountain climbing is massive. You can run into all sorts of trouble along the way.

The Weather

When climbing a mountain the weather can change quite suddenly and the higher up you go the more extreme the conditions become. With a satellite phone by your side you will be able to keep track of the most recent weather forecasts and will be prepared for anything coming your way. If you happen to get caught in bad weather and it becomes a life threatening situation you will be able to contact the emergency services and get help but only if you have a satellite phone.


If you happen to injure yourself and are unable to walk or need immediate attention you need to be able to call someone. If you are out of mobile rang you need a isatphone pro cost. It could save your life.


To avoid losing your way most satellite phones have GPS capabilities. Satellite phones such as the Iridium 9575 and Isatphone Pro have navigational tools that are easy to use and will limit the chance of you getting lost. They also have the capability of sending your coordinates directly to emergency services should anything happen to you.

Basically if you are planning to go mountain climbing do not leave home without your satellite phone it could save your life.


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