Satellite Communications for Sailors

When you go sailing you put yourself in a very dangerous position. You are a long way from shore, mobile phones will not work and if your radio in your boat fails for any reason you are on your own.

Sailing is a great sport and many people enjoy it as a leisure activity. Satellite phones are used by many shipping companies due to the reliability and safety that they provide. Satellite phones are quite compact these days and a lot more rugged. The two most reliable satellite phone producers are Iridium and Inmarsat.

If you are planning a sailing trip please do not leave without a satellite phone. When weather gets rough it can toss the sail boat around quite a lot causing damage to the boat and can sometimes take out the electrics. If this happens you will end up stranded.

Satellite phones are the best answer to this problem as they are shock, water and dust resistant. They receive signals all over the world and as long as they have a clear line of sight to the sky you will be able to communicate with anyone anytime.

There are many accessories available to tailor your satellite phone to your sailing needs such as docking stations, external antennas and waterproof cases to hold your phone and accessories.

You can travel all over the world with isatphone pro data plan and Inmarsat phones and be assured that you will always be connected to family, friends and anyone else you may need to stay in touch with.

There are ongoing airtime plans available that will give you the security of always being connected. For those who don’t require constant connection both Iridium and Inmarsat off a number of prepaid plans for your satellite phone.

Isatphone pro prepaid are a necessity when travelling on the high seas and should be part of everyone’s safety plan.


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